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Perfect views of the Zurich region on the look-out tower on Uetliberg
Perfect views of the Zurich region on the look-out tower on Uetliberg

Another great trail just around the corner: The Uetliberg is Zurich’s local mountain with views over the city and up to the Alps. It is super close to the city center and offers spectacular trail action and beautiful views… the perfect evening ride on a nice and warm spring evening.



How to find the trail

The trail is located on the south-west side of the city of Zurich, on the top of Uetliberg. To ride up the Uetliberg, you have loads of possibilities from almost any side of the mountain, some of which are steeper than others. Here’s a suggestion for an interesting route on a steeper trail starting from the Triemli train station. To get to the Triemli train station from downtown Zurich follow along the tram line 14 up to Triemli. From there head up Hohensteinstrasse until you end up at the train station. Cross the train tracks and continue on the Hohensteinweg up to the edge of the forest. Continue straight and you will end up on the small steep path that zig-zags up to the Hohenstein gland. From here, ride along the less steep Hohensteinstrasse up to the final station of the Uetliberg train. Continue on the Gratstrasse to the top of the Uetliberg, or if you would like to start directly with the trail down, take the second left along the Gratstrasse that will lead you directly to the trailhead.

Trail description

The trail starts right below the big TV antenna and cuts through the first forest segment until you end up right above the Uetliberg train station. From there follow along the wide north shore passage and for a short moment on the Gratweg until the trail continues to the left. Now the trail winds left and right with berms and jumps and smaller pedaling sections until you end up at the Teehüsli and the glade of Hohenstein. Follow along the playground and head directly towards the covered fire place. The trail heads up the small hill behind the fire place. From here singletrack zig-zags down to Sädleneggweg. Follow along the road as it gets smaller and smaller and turns into the trail again. Now you enter the last part of the trail that brings you back down to the Triemli on a couple of nice and fast switchback turns. Notice: At the time of writing, it is not permitted to take bikes on the train up to Uetliberg.

Trail map

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