Biketrail Adlisberg

On the flowy Elif trail, Adlisberg, Zürich, CH
On the flowy Elif trail, Adlisberg, Zürich, CH

We don’t have to go far to get awesome mtb trails. Zürich is surrounded by forested hills and each one has its own little singletrack action! A quick pedal 300m up behind Tobi’s house gets us to Adlisberg, where the local MTB association Züritrails, have been building some pretty sweet lines!

It’s the perfect training ground when the weekend weather is slightly iffy, and thanks to Daylight Savings kicking in, we’ve already been able to get a couple of evening rides done this spring.


27m 178m
the trailhead is located here

How to find the trail

The trail is located on the south-east side of the city of Zurich up on the Adlisberg. You can ride up to Adlisberg from downtown Zurich along the tram line 6 up to the zoo. From the final stop of the tram line take a sharp right into Dreiweisenstrasse. Follow this street up to the first intersection. Head straight following along Dreiweisenstrasse on the gravel road to its right. Stay on this road (Grütholzstrassse) until you end up at the parking where you turn left uphill onto Adlisbergstrasse. Reaching the edge of the forest take a left while staying on Adlisbergstrasse and then turn onto the first gravel road to the right called Weiherholzstrasse. Keep going on this road as it brings you directly to the start of the trail

Trail description

The trail runs parallel to the Weiherholzstrasse with some pumps and jumps and ends up in big left turn along Hans-Roelli Weg/Breitweg down to the restaurant Degenried. From there follow the trail signs into the second part of the trail down the wide-bermed switchbacks to the Stöckentobelstrasse where the trail ends. Unfortunately there is no continuing trail from here which means you either ride up again to the start along Stöckentobelstrasse and from the restaurant Degenried along the trail or you continue somewhere else.

Trail map

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