Riding Iceland’s East Fjords: Brúnavík

4wd track

We planned this tour without having much information on the trail, except that a guy we met at our campsite had attempted it that day, and a quick look at the topo maps showed that it was going to be rather steep! This tour will be a real challenge for anyone’s technical riding skills and will require you to walk some sections but the wonderful scenery with rhyolite mountains all around make this a worthwhile tour.

4wd track


737m 737m
start from the parking along road 94 with the sign “Brúnavík”

How to find the trail

The town of Borgarfjörður Eystri is about 1 hour from Egilsstaðir, along road 94.

Trail description

This trail goes over the pass Brúnavíkurskarð (trail #19 on the hiking map) and back on the 4WD road over the pass Hofstrandarskarð (trail #20 on the hiking map). The trail uphill from the road to Brúnavíkurskarð is partially ridable and really steep but once you reach the saddle the true challenge begins. The hiking trail down to Brúnavík is really steep and at the limit of what is rideable. On the way back from rhyolite-sand-covered Brúnavík beach, you will face a beautiful singletrail up the valley that turns into the 4WD road at the Brotagil canyon. From here on, ride over the pass on the fairly steep 4WD track back to road 94. Alternatives: It is also possible to do this tour counterclockwise. You will have to carry your bike up steep hiking trails to the Brúnavíkurskarð pass, but you will be rewarded with a nice singletrail descent back to road 94.

Trail map

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