Bülach Singletrack Tour

If you happen to be in Zurich for a day this tour is a must do! The start of this ride is only 20 minutes by train from Zurich main station and offers a fabulous singletrack ride in the vicinity.
The tour is a great mix of flowy and technical singletrack, easy uphills and super nice singletrack downhills. If you happen to do this tour in summer time be sure to bring a pair of swimming shorts along! Past the hydropower plant of Eglisau there are many spots along the Rhine perfect for a short break to dip your feet or jump in to the cooling river.
At the start and the end of the tour you will be in the Bülach bike park which offers a bike playground with north shore briges and several obstacles. A 3-4 km long cross country singletrack loop through the surrounding forest forms the start and the end of this tour and is a great ride on its own.
One thing we might have done differently for this tour would be to wear a long-sleeved jersey and long trousers as the trail was full of overgrown thorny bushes that grew across paths at the most opportune heights! I also managed to brush my hands on stinging nettle, so gloves are also a good idea!

746m 746m
start from the train station Bülach

How to find the trail

From Zurich main station you can either catch the regional train S5 (direction Rafz) or the RegioExpress (direction Schaffhausen) to get to Bülach in 20 minutes only.

Trail description

After a short warm up at the singletracks of the Bülach Bike Park we left on forest trails towards Glattfelden and Eglisau. An exciting route of fast and flowy trails brings you to the Rhine river bank. Enjoy a shaded ride along the singletrack of the river with some technical passages to keep it interesting. After leaving the river Rhine you cross over to pedal through the beautiful nature reserve Chilenholz. Again you will get a dose of sigletrack riding before heading back over fire roads to the Bülach Bike Park to finish this awesome ride on the parks singletracks.

Trail map

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  1. Renee says:

    Does anyone know of tour guides or companies to do mountain biking with? I’m a solo traveller from aus so would be better to explore with someone who know where they are going

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