Camping recipes: Spicy tuna bowl

Spicy tuna bowl

Here’s one of my favourite go-to recipes when I’m home alone and too lazy to make a big meal, and it works pretty well for car camping! It’s a chirashizushi (sushi bowl) take on the spicy tuna roll, using canned tuna for convenience and other ingredients that are pretty much non-perishable. Tested once at a campsite by Kolding fjord, Denmark :)

sushi rice
canned tuna
chilli flakes
sesame seeds

Optional (nice to have)
mayonnaise in a tube
Sriracha chilli sauce
Powdered sushi rice vinegar
light soy sauce
nori seaweed sheets


Cook sushi rice in a pot. Once done, mix in powdered vinegar to taste.

In a pan, lightly toast sesame seeds, then stir in canned tuna. Sprinkle on chilli flakes and a bit of salt. Mix in mayonnaise and Sriracha chilli sauce if you have some handy.

Also optional: Serve with a dab of wasabi paste, light soy sauce, and nori seaweed (I usually cut the sheets into flakes with scissors).

Instant miso soup (powdered or paste) would be the perfect starter!!


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