Countdown: 7 weeks to go…

Camping in Iceland

… until we begin a new, exciting chapter!

I have been waiting for this opportunity for 5 (it-didn’t-feel-that-long) years. My PhD is now finally done and dusted, and the timing could not be more perfect: Tobi will be finished with his 390 days of civilian service just a few days after my contract ends. And it ought to be proper summer weather by then.

7 more weeks and we will be jobless and homeless. But also free to hit the road. Our first destination… Iceland!!!

Our rented Peugeot 2008 and cozy MSR tent will be our roof over our heads for a few weeks. For the amount we would usually spend on rent, we get both a mobile home and transportation. Downside: Air mattress and sleeping bags instead of our comfy bed and duvet. Upside: Waking up to amazing views. Hopefully like this amazing.

camping in iceland


Heck, I’ll even be happy with an official camp site, if they look like this!


7 weeks left to pack up our apartments, stow away our belongings and pack our travel bags.

I’m glad we’re driving + ferrying to Iceland instead of flying, so that I can bring car camping luxuries along (pillows, cooking utensils, stash of spicy instant noodles, tools and gadgets). Best of all, we get to bring our mountain bikes!

7 weeks to get some research done and find some good/great/awesome mountain biking trails. You will have no problems finding out about hiking trails in Iceland. Biking trails on the other hand, seem to be a secret of tour companies that charge upwards of 100 Euros/day for the convenience. Expensive, and not much of an adventure ;)

7 weeks to go… we better get cracking!



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