Denmark’s XC mountain bike trails

On our way up to Iceland we had almost a week to cross Denmark. Enough time to look for some nice mountain biking spots across the country. Our research led us to a town called Rebild in the Danish national park where we found a cross country trail paradise.

The forest area in the Danish national park has a large trail system, big enough for one to two days of cross country mountain biking. Trails in the park are perfectly marked with painted arrows on the trees and sign posts on trail junctions. You cannot get lost. On top of the nice trail system the park provides free camp sites near the trails (some of them with drinking water!) where you can stay overnight.

For information on the national park, the trails and print outs of trail maps, stop by the visitor center in Rebild or download the maps from the link below. The Danish government has a website of mountain biking trails across the country

Download the trail maps for the Big Blue Route or the 24 Hour Route.

The Big Blue starts from the visitor center in Rebild and the 24 Hour Route starts by the school of Skørping.

How to find the trail

Both Rebild and Skørping are easily accessible in 15 minutes from the highway E45.

Trail description

Rebild visitor center provides maps for two different trails within the park and a small downhill park. The “big blue” route is 24 km long with 415 elevation meters and goes in a circular way all around the park. Along the trail you can choose between different sections marked as blue, red or black to make the route longer, shorter, easier, or more difficult. The “24h route” is the 14km long track of the annual 24h race in the forest around Skørping. It is marked with blue arrows with a white dot.

Trail map

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