Finally in Denmark!

After 2 full days of driving through Germany, we finally crossed the border into Denmark! Our first Danish stop was the island of Rømø. We had initially planned to visit Sylt, a neighbouring German island on the North Sea that is only accessible by train, but the car-train would have costed us 90 Euros (return) – a bit too steep for our budget! It’s also possible to get over by passenger train with our bikes but this option didn’t sound as appealing as it was pouring rain all day. So we decided to drive over to Rømø instead. Rømø is one of the Danish national parks and is connected to the mainland by a 10km causeway. It turned out to be quite small, and we didn’t spend too long there. Highlights were a wide expanse of sandy beach where one could drive over, pretty purple heather fields and lovely picnic spots in the woods just off the main road.


After lunch and a coffee at a cute café (one of the only cafés on the island), we drove over to Ribe, the oldest village in Denmark, and walked through its cobblestoned main street. In Ribe, it’s hard to miss the waffle + ice cream shop as you can smell the freshly-made waffle cones from miles away! We finally gave in and ordered two Belgian waffles before making our way to Kolding in the east.

Free campsite by Kolding Fjord

Our campsite for the night, by a beach in Kolding fjord just outside the little town of Kolding. There are tonnes of free campsites in Denmark for hikers and bikers, but we struck lucky with this spot right on the water not too far away from the beach’s car park. What a difference compared to the first two nights we had to spend in German campervan sites! I like Denmark already!

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