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The trails ran alongside the Rhine river for quite some time
The trails ran alongside the Rhine river for quite some time

Before winter kicked in last year, we managed to squeeze in one last bike tour to the Rhine Gorge, a.k.a. the “Swiss Grand Canyon”. While I had been to Laax for snowboarding a couple of times, I never once made it down to the river to see the beautiful white walls of the gorge. Fall turned out to be the perfect time to check out the Rheinschlucht tour that we found on mountainbiker.ch.

Before starting the tour, we did a 570m uphill detour to check out the Runca-Trail that looked like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, a snow storm a week before left many trees uprooted and the trails were a bit of a disaster zone, leaving us with only the fire roads to get back down to Flims. We’ll have to come back again another time!

Fun singletrack from Laax took us down to the Rhine river, from where we could best appreciate the scale of the gorge! After pedalling on trails that followed the river, we soon had to turn uphill again towards Versam. From here until we got back to Chur, there was not much singletrack left to ride. However, the amazing views from the lookout points certainly made the tour worthwhile! The area has tonnes of other trails to explore so you might be able to find an even better one!

495m 931m
start from the bus station Posta in Laax

How to find the trail

There is a bus running from the train station in Chur in 40 minutes directly to Laax. Take this bus until Laax, posta. During the summer season the busses going to Laax are usually equipped with bike racks at their back to make it super easy to transport bikes.

Trail map

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