Singletrack fun along the Rhine

Awesome singletrails in the forest
Awesome singletrails in the forest

Our last mountain biking tour of the 2013 season took us along the headwaters of the Rhine, through the impressive Ruinaulta gorge. This spring, we headed back to the Rhine to look for more singletrails, but this time further downstream, starting at the pretty town of Schaffhausen. At first, I wasn’t too keen on this tour as I had previously cycled (with my road bike) on the route between Stein Am Rhein and Schaffhausen, and didn’t think there was much singletrail to be found. But Tobi managed to convince me as this tour came recommended by his uncle and we would actually be cycling on the other (southern) side of the river. And at 65km, it would be good endurance training for our summer riding plans. In the end, this tour way exceeded our expectations!

The first section of the tour ran alongside the Rhine, from Schaffhausen to Stein Am Rhein, and included a good amount of forested singletrack that got my muscles burning (already, so early in the day!). Next up was some climbs (including some stretches of stair-hiking) that brought us above the Rhine to views of the Bodensee. This forest turned out to be a real gem; the trails were technical and required a lot of pedalling, but the downhill stretches were fun and flowy. My legs were cramping by the 20km mark (I definitely need more training!), but thankfully I pushed through and did the next 20kms, because the final section downhill was pure awesomeness and worth the pain! All in all, a fantastic tour for anyone living in the Zurich region!

1006m 1006m
start from the Schaffhausen train station

How to find the trail

It is super easy to get to Schaffhausen by train. From Zurich you reach the trailhead by train in 40 minutes and can start right from the train station. If you prefer to get there by car, there is free parking just outside of Schaffhausen in Feuterthalen at the intersection of Stadtweg and Vogelsangstrasse.

Trail map

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